Scinnovation s.r.o.

Scinnovation s.r.o. is a creative research company that offers Innovative Solutions in multiple fields of Science and Technology

Mission of Scinnovation

Bridging the gap between Academia and Industry via Solving Research and Technological Problems and Making the Best Use of Scientific Innovations

Why is Scinnovation?

After many years of experience in academic research, we decided to put our skin in the game. Scinnovation s.r.o. takes all risks associated with investing in research ideas (locked behind laboratories' doors) and converts them into marketable innovations that serve societal needs. We reach out to researchers in multiple disciplines and invest in their innovations to cross the valley of death and reach the market successfully.

Targeted groups/customers

  • International and local companies

  • Universities and research institutes

  • Students from all over the world

Scinnovation Activities

  • Invest in innovative research ideas that can serve societal needs

  • Prepare and manage research and developmental projects

  • Provide consultation for customers in their innovation challenges

  • Build ambitious alliances and clusters for research and innovation

  • Enable cross-regional collaboration and help match-making

  • Train personals for a wide range of scientific techniques

  • Characterize and test materials using state-of-the-art instruments

  • Help in supplying scientific instruments to research institutes

  • Facilitate the study at European Universities for international students

Main Research Themes

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for innovative products/systems

  • Advanced and Additive Manufacturing

  • Artificial Intelligence and Soft-Computing

  • Computer Vision and Image Analysis

  • X-rays Computed Tomography

  • Computer Simulation

  • Smart and functional polymeric materials

  • Self-sensing Polymer composites

  • Polymer Physics and Thermodynamics

  • Multi-Scale Modeling of Materials

  • Optical fiber sensors

Testing and Characterization Services

  • X-rays micro-Computed Tomography (μ-CT)

  • Mechanical testing for fibers, yarns, fabrics, and composites

  • Film and Membrane testing: Gas permeability, Pore/Particle size distribution

  • Microscopic techniques: OM, SEM, AFM

  • Thermal analysis: DSC, TGA, DMA, Rheometry

  • Chromatographic techniques: GC/MS, GPC

  • Spectroscopic techniques: FTIR, RAMAN, UV-Vis, NMR

Information Technology

  • Software Development: Java, Python, JavaScript, C/C++ etc.

  • Web Development: ReactJS, PHP, Angular, Flask and Django.

  • Machine Learning: Supervised, unsupervised and deep learning.

  • Blockchain: P2P network, PoW, Smart Contracts.

  • Consulting services.

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